9/1/07 Endorsements

Title Number
Additional Insured TE9901B
Additional Insured – Lessor 510AIP
Additional Insured – Lessor TE2002A
Amendatory Endorsement – Texas TE0039B
Amendatory Endorsement – Texas TE0040B
Amphibious Auto or Amphibious Mobile Home Trailer 514AIP
Amphibious Vehicles TE2031A
Amusement Devices Mounted on Commercial Autos TE2325A
Antique, Collectible & Special Interest Auto TE2032B
Antique, Collectible & Special Interest Auto 586AIP
Calculation of Premium-Other than 12 Month Policies TE9900A
Cancellation Provision or Coverage Change Endorsement TE0202A
Cap on Losses From Acts of Terrorism Pursuant to the Terrorism Insurance Act of 2002 TE9988
Common Policy Conditions TE0017
Cotton Trailers TE2328A
Drive-Away Contractor-Named Operator TE2033A
Driving Schools (Other than Public Schools) TE2006A
Emergency Use Excluded TE2030A
Emergency Vehicles-Volunteer-Firefighters & Workers Injuries TE2007A
Exclusion of Equipment Specially Constructed Vehicles & Vehicles with Permanently Mounted Special Equipment TE2045A
Exclusion of Acts of Terrorism as Defined in the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act of 2002 TE9987
Exclusion of Named Driver & Partial Rejection of Coverages TE9941B
Exclusion of Named Driver & Partial Rejection of Coverages 515AIP
Farm Trailers TE2329A
Federal Employees Using Autos In Government Business 513AIP
Federal Employees Using Autos In Government Business TE9912A
Financial Responsibility Certification-SR-22 Filing TE9982B
Financial Responsibility Certification-SR-22 Filing 571AIP
Fleet Schedule-Liability and Physical Damage TE9976B
General Change Endorsement TE9904A
Hired Autos Specificed as Covered Autos You Own TE9916
Individual Named Insured TE9917H
Leasing & Rental Concerns-Rent it Here/Leave it There Autos TE2012A
Leasing & Rental Concerns-Schedule of Limits Owned Autos TE2013A
Loaned or Rented Trailers TE2319A
Miscellaneous Type Vehicle Endorsement 583AIP
Mobile Equipment TE2015A
Mutli-Purpose Equipment TE2303
Named Non-Owner Coverage 578AIP
Named Operator Coverage (Non-Owned Auto Only) TE9985A
Named Operator Coverage (Any Auto) TE9984A
Named Operator Government Employee 579AIP
Nuclear Energy Liability Exclusion Endorsement-Broad Form IL0021
Personal Injury Protection TE0401C
Professional Services Not Covered TE2018
Public Autos-Passenger Hazard Excluded TE2409A
Public Transportation Automobiles TE2402
Reinstatement of Insurance TE0238A
Reinstatement of Insurance 543AIP
Rolling Stores TE2304
Rural Electrification Cooperative Endorsement TE9971A
Specified Non-Owned Autos TE9986A
Split Liability Limits TE9927B
Suspension of Insurance TE0240A
Suspension of Insurance 542AIP
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorists TE0409D
Wrong Delivery of Liquid Products TE2305